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Barely Bookish

Jul 28, 2021

Let's finish up Through the Looking-Glass, where some things are backward and some are not. We shall see what actually is at the end of this!

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Jul 21, 2021

Somehow, this book seems to have a bit of a plot? Maybe? Let's talk about Through the Looking-Glass and all the very strange things that happen in this book. It's honestly an absolutely wild ride.

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Jul 14, 2021

So, why is a raven like a writing desk? Apparently, we are going to have to Ouija board Lewis Caroll to find out.

We are concluding Alice's Adventures in Wonderland today and next week we will be continuing on to Through the Looking Glass. Leah from Ya Book Chat will be joining us once again next week, and if you...

Jul 7, 2021

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland feel like a fever dream and I unfortunately constantly call it Alice in Wonderland. I hope you all enjoy us attempting to discuss this wild plot.

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